Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday's Quickie Page

Seattle: spent the day? Love to go? This is the next quickie page, you can choose your color for the word Seattle, in yellow as I chose or red, blue and green. Stop in any time on Friday to do this page and remember we have a limited # of kits available. No time to do here just grab and go, putting together when you have the time. I will have a kit ready for you and photo is always here to look at.

I can remember the day I spent in Seattle with my husband and grandson, he loves playing in the big fountain at the center, and we also were down at the waterfront. We got some good photo's to fill my page. Want more photo places? The paper is only $.55 a sheet. So grab an extra and add more photo spots. You can also take just the sheet to cut your own sizes instead of the precut. This is a new option for those that want to cut their own.

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  1. this is so cute!! I am going to link up my freinds who have recently been here!