Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday's Quickie Page

Seattle: spent the day? Love to go? This is the next quickie page, you can choose your color for the word Seattle, in yellow as I chose or red, blue and green. Stop in any time on Friday to do this page and remember we have a limited # of kits available. No time to do here just grab and go, putting together when you have the time. I will have a kit ready for you and photo is always here to look at.

I can remember the day I spent in Seattle with my husband and grandson, he loves playing in the big fountain at the center, and we also were down at the waterfront. We got some good photo's to fill my page. Want more photo places? The paper is only $.55 a sheet. So grab an extra and add more photo spots. You can also take just the sheet to cut your own sizes instead of the precut. This is a new option for those that want to cut their own.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I appologize

I am very sorry the card on Tuesday was not ready for you, I had not had a chance to explain it to Katri and most but not all was cut and prepared. Today you can come in and make the card for FREE as well as the make n take which is a heart today. We have a few items to show you of some of the things we have ordered and we will have a couple out today and others out tomorrow as Bev had some in her suitcases also and she will bring them by after work.

A view of the show

This is from Making Memories, but it gives you a small idea of the show. Watch the colors of the carpet in the aisles. Red is the scrapping area. Each booth has it's own color scheme but the aisles are clearly marked so we would know what section we were in. Also aisles had banners hangiung ab ove them to indicate the aisle numbers. They went from 1100 to 5900. Enjoy.

We're home

...and tired. lots of pictures of new stuff to share. So keep watching. Got to get them off my camera first.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Having fun!! Wish you were here!!! Yeah...actually we do! There are so many choices to make that a bit of help would be lovely!

But while we were here, guess who we saw! .....

Would you ever have guessed

One more day. We still have half the convention to see and not enough time! See ya all Wednesday

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We're here!!

In Anaheim!!

At the Craft and Hobby Association National Convention.

This is where all the new product for 2009 is introduced and retailers get their first chance to order it. Today we flew down here and then took a few classes. Since this convention is for Retailers and people who have stores, there are all sorts of business classes. It's very cool. We saw lots of vendors bringing in supplies this afternoon. The vendor fair starts tomorrow.

One of the classes I went to today gave us some statistics;
There are over 4000 people who preregistered to attend and there will be more registering when they arrive.
There are 625 companies represented on the vendor floor.
The vendor area is over 22,000 square feet of space.
If we were to walk every aisle it would be almost 8 miles.

Tomorrow morning Lila and I intend to walk the floor and gather catalogues. We want to look at all the new stuff and choose some really great items to order. We're not even sure yet what all we want to find although we have highlighted a few companies we do want to look at.

Keep checking in. We're limited on the pictures we can take of product but we will share what we can!

And stop in to say hi to Katri. She is covering the store while Lila is here. Tell her hi and let her know we miss her!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday's Quickie Page

We had so much snow and everyone had so many pics that I chose to do another but different snow page.
"Snowball Fight" is the theme for this page but a snowball fight picture is not needed to use this layout just great snow pictures will complete this. Remember we only have a limited number of these available each week and we almost always sell out, but they are not available until Friday, Can not make it on Friday? Call on Saturday to see if any kits are left and available.

Thank-you to everyone for your continued support in our store here in Everett, it has been a pleasure meeting all of you and look forward to meeting many more.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tuesday's Card

Check out Tuesday's card below a couple of posts earlier. There will be one more Valentine card in February.

Monthly magazines have not been moving and I am going to cancel the ones I have been getting, if there is a particular magazine that you are interested in please let me know I will look into carrying it if there is interest. I am always interested in trying to find items of interest to you. If you see items that you would like to see me carry let me know, you can leave a message after any post, call me or come to the store. This is one way I know what you as the customer wants in the store. We are always interested in hearing from you good or bad that is the only way change happens. Have a great evening and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
I have changed internet providers and am still having trouble changing things. The new 20% off item of the week is from Kaiser and they are the droplets, they come in a variety of great colors and usually run only $1.69 so come in and stock up on these great little embellishments today.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Technique Tag

Don't forget our first Technique Tag on Monday.

First there is a free Crop from 11 AM to 3 PM. Bring your supplies and a potluck item to share. We'll have fun visiting and cropping while the kids are in school!

At 3 PM we'll have the Tag class. We'll use embossing powder and the heat gun. We'll also use distress inks and learn to handle the ink blending tool. All supplies needed will be provided for only $7. This tag is the first in a series of tags we will be creating this year. Check out February's tag already in the store.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tuesday's Card

Here is Tuesday card that you can make for only $1. 00 ea. We used 2 different stamps one for the hearts which you can also use on the envelope and the Happy Valentines Day stamp. also using two colors of ink and ribbon.
Remember that if you wish to make more than 2 please call ahead for them to be ready unless you have the time for me to cut them for you. I hope that your weekend is an enjoyable one.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday's Quickie Page

Today's quickie page is a snow page with snow falling and snowmen on the page. Sorry at this time I got a new service for internet and I don't see where to load a picture, I am sure that Bev will be able to show me how but not in time for this to go out. Thank-you for your patience.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today's Free Make N Take

Today's free make n take is a 5" cute snowman. there are a variety of colors to make him your own. Come in anytime during the day to make one, under 12 needs parental help. Look for these cute snowman on our Friday quickie page.

Yesterday was a busy day with people making cards. Seemed everyone really like the card, and we always need cards for those men in our lives. The card was also easy to change a little and make a great card for anyone. Next weeks card will be a Valentine card. Need more than 2 let me know in advance so that I can have them cut and ready for you to make in a timely manner.

Don't forget we have a crop going on this Friday night from 6-12pm and you can come early to get started especially if you don't like to stay that late. we have three four people signed up so far and plenty of space now for many more, so come join the fun and make new friends.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tuesday's Card

Our new Tuesday Card of the Week is this "Thinking of You " card. Great for that guy in your life or the friend who likes blue s and browns. Remember our card is only $1 each and comes with an envelope.