Saturday, January 24, 2009


We're here!!

In Anaheim!!

At the Craft and Hobby Association National Convention.

This is where all the new product for 2009 is introduced and retailers get their first chance to order it. Today we flew down here and then took a few classes. Since this convention is for Retailers and people who have stores, there are all sorts of business classes. It's very cool. We saw lots of vendors bringing in supplies this afternoon. The vendor fair starts tomorrow.

One of the classes I went to today gave us some statistics;
There are over 4000 people who preregistered to attend and there will be more registering when they arrive.
There are 625 companies represented on the vendor floor.
The vendor area is over 22,000 square feet of space.
If we were to walk every aisle it would be almost 8 miles.

Tomorrow morning Lila and I intend to walk the floor and gather catalogues. We want to look at all the new stuff and choose some really great items to order. We're not even sure yet what all we want to find although we have highlighted a few companies we do want to look at.

Keep checking in. We're limited on the pictures we can take of product but we will share what we can!

And stop in to say hi to Katri. She is covering the store while Lila is here. Tell her hi and let her know we miss her!

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