Monday, May 26, 2008

New 2 Page Spreads

There are many new 2 page spreads for sale. This is one. Many people like the 2 page spreads for many reasons, maybe you are behind and need fillers or you don't scrapbook and you would like the look of a handmade layout book, some just like they way they look and think it would be a great addition to their album. Whatever the reason, remember that I will also add a name, date, place or special words to your purchase. Don't see one done that you would like for a certain occasion, I will do special orders with colors or picture sizes to your needs. The page spreads are $6.95 ea. Additional items can be added, I try to leave room for journaling or other items you wish to add to make it your own.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe weekend. The sun was very nice to see, I even was able to get some gardening done on Sunday(I am so far behind this year). Most of our yard is garden with a few grassy spots and patio's. We love to sit in the evenings with a fire in the outdoor fireplace and watch the sun go down behind the trees and see what new flowers are blooming. Many of the photo's I take of flowers are in our yard. We are hoping to put in a water feature this summer, no ponds as we have many small children in the neighborhood and we have living fences and open arbors for people to come visit. Have a great week! LILA

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  1. hey! You're getting pretty good at this blog thing!