Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to all you May birthdays,

I don't know my way around a computer like Bev, so all I can do is write. I wish to say Happy Birthday to Claudia W., Hazel C., Stephanie F., Ann S., Margarett D., Edythe W., Katri L., Lee G., Wendy M., Donna P., Jeanna L., Melinda E., Shasta D., Kathryn R., Tove R., Pam R., Lillian M., Christopher B., Liza E., Shelly B., Suzette A.. Everyone with a May birthday come on in when you get a chance and recieve a gift from Lila's of two pieces of paper of your choice. Did I miss your name please come in and make sure I have you on the list and recieve your free gift. I know in the early days of opening I was not taking down birthdays so please come on in.

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