Monday, July 14, 2008

Kla Ha Ya Days Festival

I am going to have a booth at the Kla Ha Ya days festival in Snohomish this coming weekend! I am very excited to get the word out. Stop by the booth if you get a chance and say hi for a 10% off coupon to use at the store. I will be very busy this week preparing mini books and paper packs to sell and if you have time and want to help volunteer a couple of hours I will give you 10% off your purchase that day.
So are you enjoying this sunshine and warm weather, getting out to the beach or park? Let me know what you have been doing, I am always interested and love to read messages on the blog, not sure how to write a message, just click on the link at the bottom of this post that says comments, then on your right is a box and click on that to write your message then under the box, you can put your name in and then hit publish post. I would love to hear from you.
Having a glitch with the computer at the store and I will change the sale item of the week as soon as possible, my computer at home does not have a place to load pics, but there will still be an item at 20% off for the week. There will also be a new kit of the month going up shortly. It will be building sand castles at the beach. Thank ytou for taking the time to read my blogs and looking forward to your comments and or stories of what you are doing this summer. I e-mail my sister every day she lives in Utah, great way to communicate and I feel like we are all a family at the store, one can never have too much family or friends.


  1. You need to put the July and August calendars up! For sure at least July. I miss not knowing what events are going on at the store. :D

  2. did we miss the July calendar!!! Hey Callie, you should come in and help sometime! 10% off!! it is great. And we missed you yesterday at the crop. But then that just meant I got a ride int he little yellow convertible! hehehe.....

    and Lila...remember that little card reader you put back in the drawer?? Take that thing home for your home puter.

  3. I would love to help! Next time in I will talk with Lila about how I can assist her best. I wanted to crop but my husband wanted to go camping, I lost. And this weekend he is gone so I have no childcare. I can't wait to see the August calendar so I can get a crop on my schedule!

    I am so JEALOUS you got to ride in the convertible!!!!