Thursday, September 5, 2013

Special order 30% off

I am going to put an order in for the 3 new collections of Graphic 45 pads. Order and pay with cash or check this week for 30% off. Can not get to me call me and send a check. The collections are Mother Goose, Twelve days of Christmas, and Typography. They come in 12x12 and 8x8 and 6x6. I can also order the banner die cuts, chipboard cuts , stickers sheets, tags and pockets, flowers. All at 30%with prepay. Do you like opportunities like this? Let me know and I can do more orders for product you want in prepays. Each week we can choose specific products.


  1. I want the 8 by 8 of the 1 2days of x mas, I already have the 12 by 12, can you tell me how much it is? I love opportunities like this a lot, My hubbie and I are moving to Everett, just north of Everett mall, so I will be close to your store, do you ever have classesn the shilouette cameo? I have it, just not sure how to use it to its potential.

  2. Sharon, I now have 8x8 in the store, that was a special preorder for that week only. This week we will be doing the 2 new graphic 45 collections and they are for 20% off pre pay with cash or check, including embellishments . I will be placing my order on Sat. Late afternoon. Call the store at 425 355 2500 thursday to saturday from 10 to 7 sometime. Those are our store hours. I may not see postings here, I sometimes can not get in here