Monday, December 22, 2008

What a December!!

Wow, did we get snow or what? I don't think we ever had this much snow in one winter since I moved here in "89" let alone one week. I know a lot of folks are stuck at home and not able to venture out and those of you that do I pray for your safety. I have four wheel drive and have been at the store, it has been very quiet here, but the few that I have seen are happy to be able to stop in. My Husband and I tried to make it to Portland this weekend for a Christmas party for one of his offices and to see my twin grandsons but it was like whiteout conditions and we had to turn around just south of Olympia. Took us about 4 1/2 hours to get that far, and would have been very late for that party anyway.
Just a note to let you know we will be closed between Christmas and New Years and are moving across the parking lot. I have been getting ready since it has been so quiet. Lots of new items will be out and am very excited. We will be open again January 2.
Remember that if you are able to get out we are having our last gift wrap day at the store on Dec. 24th. Bring your wrapping and ribbon and we have the tape and goodies and I will help you with those packages. well goodbye for now and will write again.

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