Thursday, October 9, 2008

Store Friends

It's almost a year ago that Lila opened her store. It's been less than that since I found it. Tracy found it before me (lucky gal!). In that time we've both stopped by the store, hung out at times, come for crops, come for coffee, chatted, shared, and made friends. After multiple crops together at the store where we spent the evening sharing and laughing and just enjoying each others company, Tracy invited us to her family's cabin. It was months ago that we set the weekend. Last weekend was it. The 3 of us packed our cropping bags and traveled over to the peninsula to spend a couple nights.

It was so fun!! Well, I have to say the drive over wasn't so fun. It was dark and rainy and traffic was thick. But along the way we stopped for dinner and finally made it to the cabin in time to collapse into bed. The nest day we scrapped adn then went out to enjoy the sights. The trees were turning beautiful fall colors. There was open water everywhere. We stopped at the winery for a few tastes. We got some souvenirs and headed back to scrap some more for the evening. The next morning we kept scrapping while we ate some breakfast and then packed up to head home.

What fun we had. Three friends who met at the scrapbook store. Who would have thought!! So the point of my post???? Come join us at Lila's. You just never know. Maybe you'll get to be friends with some other scrappers and get to have your own weekend of scrapping somewhere fun. Maybe you'll get to join us next time!


PS I haven't even shared this pic with Lila or Tracy yet, so enjoy!

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