Monday, June 9, 2008

Volunteers Needed!!!

A great big THANK-YOU to Bev. Bev has been a tremendous help here at our store. She has implemented our blog, gotten our till tape up and running and helped me with various other projects around the store. All as a volunteer!! She has been a wonderful support system for me. Owning a scrapbook store is new for me and it requires alot of time and energy. Somethings I want to do are just not getting done, or when I would like them to. Interested in being a volunteer and lending a hand? Have fun with helping me get demo's done and projects put together or maybe other tasks at hand. E-mail, call, or come in and let me know when you can help. Thanks, Lila


  1. awwww...thank you!! I've been having fun!! It is great fun to be able to create with someoen elses stuff sometimes!!!

  2. Bev is a great friend to me! Although we live on complete opposites of the continental US we have grown to really enjoy time together.

    My LSS asked me to make them a blog which is still in process!

    When Bev comes to see me next week, I just might pick her brain for ideas for our LSS's site!

  3. Hooray for Bev!!! Such the sweetie!